September 22, 2018

What If You Need Money Now?

Life is unpredictable and anything can happen to us in a short period of time, so it often happens that people need a large amount of money fast. Maybe you got a sudden bill, a ticket, your car broke down, maybe you have sudden health expenses, your salary is late or you are out of job? But how old do you have to take a loan, and what about loan quotations?

We’ve already written about that on our blog so you probably know that you need to have a driver’s license in order to get a loan, and if you do not have it, your parents need to be with you in order for you to get a loan. There are many situations where people need money right away so they can continue to function. Student loans, school financing, loss of work are just some of the reasons why someone can not wait. If you have thought that the right solution for you is to go to the maximum on your credit cards or to take out a credit from a bank, consider it again.

What about loan quotations and how old do you have to be to take a loan?

Banks can not send you money in such a short time, even if you already have all the necessary documentation, the appropriate account, the scheduled appointment … However, you must follow their procedure, schedule an interview, go with them through all the necessary documentation on your monthly income, employment, existing loans, and other things. Only then the bank is able to assess whether you are worth the risk. The greater the chance that you are an unsecured client for them, the more chances are that you will have to pay more interest to the bank, you will get a shorter period of time and you will be able to get only a small amount of money.

And credit cards? The interest you pay on your credit cards is greater than anything else. Length of repayment of such large debts also. The problem with credit cards is that you use them constantly and that is why you never get out of debt because as soon as you pay off a little bit of a debt, you are already swiping that card to buy something else and entering in the next debt. Consequently, your credit score is getting worse and it changes your financial stability completely in the eyes of all banks and institutions.

What can you do?

You can carefully explore other companies that are able to give you the loan you need to cover the current surprise expenses. Then, you need to agree with them about the method of payment in which the interest you pay will be as small as possible, the monthly payment to you personalized and flexible, and the length of the loan repayment not too long, so you can get out of debt quick enough but comfortably.


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